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Manas-vijñāna / JIMMY CHIU

Manas-vijñāna is the seventh of the eight consciousnesses as taught in Yogacara and Zen Buddhism. It can be translate as western subconscious.

The voice in your deep inside.

Using plain white raw textured paper with an edge of a circle defuse to a moving shape, it present the first-moving in our mind, and the thought already lives in our soul. The circle "一圓相" can be symbolise as Zen, but the design wants to present the beginning of every thought inside us. More than the circle "一圓相", it's even presenting the beginning of this circle "一圓相", try to imaging when you draw a circle with a brush and than stop in a half, it becomes no beginning and no ending.

Also it's also a moon, a waning moon present the beauty of defect, beauty of wadi-sabi. In the beginning of every though in our chaotic mind, it's incomplete but it's the brightest new born child. The white lines on top of the graphic present the music (sound) is defuse into this dimension of sense.

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